Another land t-shirt and hoodie!


I'm proud to announce that the illustration "Another Land" it's available on my Threadless "Artist Shop" as a t-shirt or hoodie for men's and women's!

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Hi everyone, I made an illustration "Another Land" and now i want to sell it on Threadless "Artist Shop" as framed or unframed fine art print.
Your opinion it's important, 4 color options are available for this print, you vote, you choose, good luck!
You can vote until 21/11/2016 on this link

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Another land

Half moon and half sun on a pyramid in desert island. A small boat is in this mysterious world, mountains and clouds in the background in a burning sky by the sun next to a starry night. A compass in the sky is located next to other 6 mysterious symbols. An enchanted vision, the sublime nature that dominates the man and his unsolved mysteries.

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Acrylic on wood


I've done the 3 paintings after months of work, now i just want to have some beer with my friends!

Yggdrasil, the tree of life


I want to drawing directly on illustrator/inkscape with my "bamboo graphics tablet" from the sketch for this illustration.

Some information on wikipedia

More designs are coming


I can tell you one it's a collage of different photos, the title it's Nonsense because of the crazy world that i've invented mostly randomly. The other one i will call it Self construction or Introspection...there is one man watching his reflection on a mirror, but he looks inside his mind...

Finally done!


Another land design it's finish after 6 months!

I will paint 3 panels 50 X 70 cm with acrylics colors with an old and new illustration as well..

New illustration is coming...


Right now visits are more than 9500 in 4 mounths! thanks again!

I closed because i want to be on international market. Now i want spend my time for a better quality illustration, the title it's Another land, a strange landscape divided in 2, day and night and mysterious symbols in the sky...

Article of the month


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A rare and ominous white tiger, symbol of strength and courage, an alpha predator. The frame it's an oriental decor inserted in a square shape, in the 4 corners, within 4 circles, there are the main skins of its preys.



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1800 thanks!


In these first 13 days of activity, of the store

i can see several visits, we are in fact more than 1800! we can arrive to 2000 in 15 days!
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Magic dream, the first design


Collage of different images: the hero dies, in a dream he flies beyond the boundaries of the world and sees the key to the understanding the good and the evil. The spirit is freed from the cage of his body and get the answers to the question about existence.